2015 Video and Photo Contest Winners Announced!

We had a fantastic response to the 2015 contest and we truly enjoyed viewing all of the videos and photos.  We were challenged to pick the winners because we received many great entries.  But, after much consideration, we have chosen.  Below are the results of our 2nd annual video and photo contest.  Congratulations to all of the winners as well as all of the participants who are growing food using Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®.

Video Contest Winners

GRAND PRIZE:   Robin Hills Farm
($1000 Nelson and Pade Gift Certificate)

2nd Place Video: State High Aquaponics  
($500  Nelson and Pade Gift Certificate)

Photo contest Winners

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

One response to “2015 Video and Photo Contest Winners Announced!”

  1. Ervin says:

    I’ve built and operated two large hobby system this last year and this is site I was looking for when I started.

    Everyone seems to make Aquaponics (AP) a DIY project. Although its not hard to build, operate and grow your own produce, there are a lot of places where you can make it challenging if you don’t have access to good info. Learning AP from the Internet is a mixed blessing. Too much conflicting and misleading and even mis-applied info for a beginner.

    Nelson and Pade takes the guess work out .Nelson and Pade will provide invaluable resource for you.

    All the info on this site , well categorized, and easy to understand so you can be eating back yard grown, natural, organic, and delicious produce ASAP!

    Nelson and Pade will help you create your own customized AP system, that will work and work well.


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