Aquaponic Systems

Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®

Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® at the Nelson and Pade, Inc.® demonstration greenhouse in Montello, Wisconsin.

Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® from Nelson and Pade, Inc.® are proven aquaponic systems:

  • Home Systems – Feed your family fresh food grown Home Aquaponic Systems
  • MicroFarms – Earn money with a part-time aquaponics business with our MicroFarms!Commercial Earn profits in a commercial aquaponics venture with our Commercial Systems!School and Universities – Teach students STEM learning or do research with our School Systems!

    Social and Mission – Use aquaponics at your food bank or mission to provide fresh, high quality food to those in need!

All Systems available:

There are many more Aquaponic Systems available from Nelson and Pade, Inc.  See all Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®

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  • Email or call us at 608-297-8708.

Systems available online:

We offer our smallest Aquaponic Systems online, including the Small Fry and F5.

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