Nelson and Pade, Inc.® Team


Rebecca L Nelson Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca, a lifelong entrepreneur, is passionate about fresh, local food, good health and sustainable living and business practices. All of these things dovetail into the goals, vision and mission at Nelson and Pade, Inc., where Rebecca oversees the business operations, marketing and customer experience. With an emphasis on excellence and achievement, Rebecca provides guidance and leadership to the management team and employees and engages with customers at all levels.

Involved in sustainable agriculture for nearly 40 years, Rebecca embraces the science behind aquaponics and indoor farming to help people around the world grow fresh, nutritious fish and vegetables. Rebecca is the author of the first and primary book on aquaponics, Aquaponic Food Production, as well as school curriculums, videos, training manuals, operation manuals and many articles on aquaponics. She published and edited the Aquaponics Journal®, from 1997-2013 (62 issues).

Rebecca has created the curriculum for and co-teaches the Aquaponics Master Class®, which to date has had attendees from 110 countries, all 50 US states and 3 US territories. Rebecca is an Adjunct Instructor for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and she co-developed and co-teaches the first full semester University course on aquaponics.

She was recently inducted into the NZ4 Global Alliance and has previously served on the Boards of the Wisconsin Aquaculture Association and the Hydroponics Society of America. Rebecca served on the Certified Naturally Grown Aquaponics Advisory Council from 2014-2015 and was appointed to the WI Aquaculture Advisory Council in 2013. Rebecca has been an invited speaker at conferences and events around the world and is a featured authority on local and national radio, TV, magazine and newspaper coverage of aquaponics.

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John Pade Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

John Pade has been actively involved in soilless food production and controlled environment agriculture since the mid 1980’s, as a grower, builder, system developer, consultant and educator. John leads the research and development efforts at Nelson and Pade, Inc. ® and has designed the patented Clear Flow Aquaponics Systems® with ZDEP (Zero Discharge/Extra Production), which dramatically increase food production while decreasing waste. He shares his wealth of knowledge as an instructor in the Aquaponics Master Class® and works with our clients establishing commercial aquaponic farms.

John’s ongoing efforts continue to advance the technology and make the availability of fresh food a reality for people around the world. To date, Nelson and Pade, Inc.’s Clear Flow Aquaponics Systems® are used by individuals, entrepreneurs, schools and Universities in nearly 30 counties.

John is an Adjunct Instructor for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and he co-teaches the UWSP Introduction to Aquaponics course.

John’s upbringing on a dairy farm in Wisconsin contributed to his work-ethic, character and innate problem solving abilities.

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Erin Kuhn Chief Procurement Officer

Erin Kuhn oversees purchasing, inventory management, accounting and payroll. Erin’s well-rounded experience in purchasing and accounting make her the ideal person to fill this diverse and important roll. Erin’s responsibilities include sourcing, ordering and organizing all of the components needed for timely manufacturing of our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®. Erin also is directly involved in the finance and accounting for Nelson and Pade, Inc.®

Erin joined the Nelson and Pade Team in mid 2012. She is a graduate of UW-Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting.

Erin grew up on a farm in central Wisconsin and enjoys gardening and music. Erin has two teenage children.


Jannel Dunn Chief Operating Officer

Jannel Dunn oversees sales, company operations, events and training. She engages with customers at every level, sharing her extensive knowledge of aquaponics and the Nelson and Pade products, training and services. She provides guidance and oversight to our sales team, ensuring that our sales process results in a positive customer experience. Her excellent organizational skills benefits our customers, Team and company. She coordinates all team members and operations, to ensure fluid and productive efforts. Jannel also oversees the organization of our Aquaponics Master Classes® and other events.

Jannel studied at UW-Sevens Point and graduated with honors from Pasco Hernando Community College in Port St. Richey, FL.

Jannel joined the Nelson and Pade Team in early 2015.

James Hanneman Sales and Education

James provides guidance and information to our clients in the sales process as well as in our tours and classes.  If you are looking to talk about aquaponics, our systems, services, training and supplies, reach out to James.  He’ll be happy to help. James is passionate about aquaponics and has diverse experience in sales of technical equipment.


James and his family recently moved back to his home town of Marquette and they are enjoying being back in the town in which he grew up.  James is a licensed hemp farmer and actively farms hemp with his family.  James enjoys Great Lakes surfing, is also a drummer and studied at the Madison Media Institute.



Ron ArndtCAD and Design

Ron works in CAD drawing and design, assembly manual development and tech support.

Ron has a degree in Architectural Design and a diverse range of experience in construction, repair, landscaping and woodworking.

Ron Arndt joined Nelson and Pade, Inc.® during the spring of 2012. Ron and his wife, Arlene have two daughters, a son and numerous grandchildren.

Lisa Williams

Lisa WilliamsInventory and Order Coordinator

Lisa’s role coordinates our sales, design, inventory and manufacturing teams and processes to ensure efficiencies and a quality product delivery to each client who has ordered a Clear Flow Aquaponic System®. She is involved in inventory management, identification of parts, pick and packing lists and scheduling and organizing system shipments.

Lisa brings a broad base of skill and knowledge to this position, having worked in the paper industry for many years in a variety of capacities including scheduling, paper machine operations, human resources, leadership and safety oversight, training and presentations.

Lisa lives in Redgranite, WI and enjoys camping and the outdoors.

Sabrina LockeGreenhouse Technician

Sabrina works full time in the Nelson and Pade, Inc. aquaponic greenhouse completing all of the daily tasks of operation, including seeding, transplanting and harvesting lettuce, packaging and delivery of lettuce, fish feed calculations, feeding the fish, harvesting fish, maintaining filter tanks and performing daily checks on crops and equipment. Sabrina also gives tours and is involved in the Nelson and Pade Aquaponics Master Class and other educational programs.

Sabrina has always loved science and finds aquaponics to be interesting and fun! Sabrina excels at both following our SOPs and troubleshooting when needed, keeping things running smoothly on a daily basis.

Joy RibarGreenhouse Technician

Joy spends mornings working part time as a Greenhouse Technician at Nelson and Pade, Inc., assisting in the daily operation of our aquaponic greenhouse. Her time is spent feeding fish, seeding, transplanting and harvesting vegetables and making deliveries of fish and veggies to our customers. 

In addition to being an educator at both the high school and college level, Joy is a published author.  Her first book in the Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery series, Deep Dark Secrets, came out in 2019 and the second book will be available spring, 2020.  Joy’s Deep Lakes series provide a spot-on and entertaining look at life in a small town in Wisconsin. Quirky and witty characters abound as the mystery plays out and is eventually solved.  

Joy earned a Master of Science-Education and English Certificate at UW Oshkosh and a BA in Journalism at UW Madison.

Ruth EvertsGreenhouse Technician

Ruth assists us in the greenhouse, helping with all daily tasks which include seeding, transplanting and harvesting, feeding the fish, maintaining filter tanks and cleaning. 

Ruth grew up on a sustainable dairy farm in Wisconsin and she worked at an organic dairy farm in Marquette County for the past 13 years.  Ruth’s knowledge and experience in farming is a great asset in her work in the Nelson and Pade Inc. aquaponic greenhouse.

Maddi Vetter

Maddi VetterGreenhouse Technician

Maddi is a Junior at the UW-Eau Claire and a previous student at UW-Baraboo and the High Marq Charter School in Montello. While still in high school, Maddi attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Introduction to Aquaponics course.

Maddi joined our Greenhouse team in 2015.

She is now a college, but still loves to work in the greenhouse and helps when she can.

Wayne LoarAquaponics Technician

Wayne brings a passion for aquaponics and sustainability to his role as an Aquaponics Technician at Nelson and Pade, Inc.  Wayne is involved, hands-on, in the manufacturing of our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®.  He organizes the parts, labeling and preparation of the systems for shipment to clients around the world.

Wayne is a skilled metal worker and welder, carpenter and NC laser operator.

At Nelson and Pade, he assists our Team in the assembly of Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®. He has been with Nelson and Pade, Inc. since 2018.

Jacob ZuhlkeAquaponics Technician

Jacob is an Aquaponics Technician, assisting in the manufacturing and assembly of Nelson and Pade’s aquaponic systems.   

Jacob has been interested in aquaponics for many years.  He graduated from UW-Steven Point where he studied biology with minors in aquaculture and business.  While at UWSP, Jacob was a student in the Introduction to Aquaponics course.

Jacob is an avid aquarist and enjoys the engineering process in the design of aquatic systems.

JasperShop/Manufacturing Assistant

Jasper is a senior at Montello High School.  He works part time, assisting in our manufacturing and assembly processes. Jasper helps with a variety of projects to help achieve company goals.

Jasper plays basketball and baseball at Montello High School. 



AbeShop/Manufacturing Assistant

Abe is a senior at Montello High School.  He works part time, assisting in our manufacturing and assembly processes. Abe helps with a variety of projects to help achieve company goals.

Abe plays basketball and baseball at Montello High School.