Author Ali Berlow holds book talk and signing at Nelson and Pade, Inc.

ali-and-becOn Saturday, July 18, 2015, Nelson and Pade was honored to host Madison, WI native and author Ali Berlow. Ali Berlow is the author of The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse and the co-owner of Edible Vineyard, and she has been writing professionally for more than 10 years. She got her start in 2002 with the NPR essay series A Cook’s Notebook. Nine years ago Ali founded Island Grown Initiative, a grassroots nonprofit on Martha’s Vineyard. Under her leadership and vision, Island Grown Initiative launched many of the types of project and ventures described in her newest book, The Food Activist Handbook: Big & Small Things You Can Do To Help Provide Fresh, Healthy Food For Your Community.

During the book talk and signing Ali shared with the crowed the tools and knowledge on how to make a difference, even in a small rural area like ours in Montello, WI. Become engaged. Use your voice. Big change can start with just one. Ali’s book sparked action within our community to begin mapping out where in our county local food can be found.

Find out more about the big and small things you can do within your community and beyond with the guidance of Ali’s book. You can purchase a copy through our online store.

Here is an excerpt from Ali’s awesome book:

10 Easy Things Anyone Can Do to Build a Better Food Community

1. Host a farmer’s dinner

2. Start a sustainable book club

3. Preserve land for community gardens

4. Grow a kitchen garden

5. Contribute to a food pantry

6. Hold a food-themed poetry workshop

7. Harvest public fruit trees

8. Host a food swap

9. Teach kids to cook

10. Serve on a board or commission

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