Stevens Point Journal: Partnership enhances food supply, economic development

By Bernie Patterson, Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

In this season of thanks, an estimated one in eight people go to bed hungry. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates nearly 870 million of the world’s 7.1 billion people are undernourished. In Wisconsin, “food hardship” rates are even worse in households with children, where 22 percent did not have food security, according to the Food Resource Action Council.

The problem is real, and one solution is a partnership involving the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point that may lead to providing a sustainable, secure global food supply year-round.

We have partnered with Nelson and Pade Inc., a global leader in aquaponics in Montello. Together we are teaching students from across the country and world about sustainable ways to grow fresh food that do not rely on ample acreage, fertile soil or warm weather.

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