Edible Madison Features Nelson and Pade, Inc.®

The Summer 2017 Issue of Edible Magazine was recently published, and writer Vanessa Herald has an article titled, “Eating Close to Home with Farm-Raised Fish”, with a feature on Nelson and Pade, Inc.®.

Nelson and Pade is more than just a fish farm; it’s a valuable member of the community. The Montello site is half commercial fishery and half demonstration site to educate an international audience about successful aquaponics production. Everyone from small-scale home producers to future commercial growers participate in tours, classes and the Nelson and Pade Grower Program to learn how to use an aquaponics system with success. The site is also shared by the UW-Stevens Point Aquaponics Innovation Center, researching crop diversification for industry advancement and providing opportunities for students to earn an aquaponics certificate and pursue a profession in the field.

“We’re proud to deliver a high-quality product grown right here,” says Nelson, who knows every input used in their farming system. She knows first-hand their fish are raised in an environment with impeccable water quality and using non-GMO feed. Because of this, she says, “The result is clean, great-tasting fish that is also a choice for sustainability.”

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