Commercial Systems

Complete Packages - Proven Designs
If you are planning a commercial aquaponics venture, Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® are the only fully-developed, complete system packages available for large scale production. They include the equipment, manuals, documentation and tech support you need to get into and be successful in the aquaponics business.

Maximize Production
Nelson and Pade, Inc.'s commercial line of Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® include our patented ZDEP™ system, which reduces waste and increases nutrient availability for additional plant growth.  All of our commercial systems use the accelerated nursery for faster production and increased income. 

Commercial systems come in modules that can be duplicated for expansion, allowing a grower to easily increase size as the business grows.

Continuous Harvests
The vegetable crops from these systems can be harvested daily to meet market demand. Our systems are designed for continuous vegetable production, 365/days/year. Each commercial system uses either 4 or 6 fish tanks for staggered harvesting. With tilapia that means you will harvest a tank full of fish every 4 or 6 weeks. If you use two modules, you will harvest a tank full of fish every 2 or 3 weeks. With 3 modules, it is every 1-2 weeks, and so on.

Customer, Jeff Dean, Tennessee, comments: "Thank you so much for those kind words. Knowing that working with you and Rebecca is much more than just a business deal gives comfort. It helps so much to have the trust in you and Rebecca to help us to avoid as many mistakes as possible. I can only thank you and we both feel fortunate that we have you both for guidance."

System Description

Commercial Systems include:

  • Complete Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®– proven, science-based design includes four or six fish tanks, tank drains and fish tank stands, all filter tanks, including the patented ZDEP, tank drains and filter tank stands, the raft tank frame, custom-fit food-grade raft tank liner, water pump(s) and plumbing, gate valves and true union ball valves, air blower, aeration system and air diffusers, automated plant propagation and accelerated plant nursery system, fish net, starter supply of grow cubes
  • Aquaponic Food Production (RL Nelson) and Aquaponics Q and A books (J Rakocy)
  • Operation Manual
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) template
  • Assembly and Grower Tech support (4 hours via email)

Commercial systems come in two versions

Our 4-tank commercial systems (4-300 and 4-500) are available in two versions: Greens and Combo. Our 6-tank commercial systems (6-800 and 6-1200) are available in the Greens version.  The Greens version is optimized for growing a variety of greens, like fancy lettuce, chard and herbs.  The Greens version is a great choice for serious commercial production. 

In the Combo version, some of the greens production is reduced to make room for media beds, in which you can grow a variety of crops in addition to the greens.  The combo version is great for farm market growers, who want more diversity in the crops they grow and sell.

What else do you need?

We offer optional equipment and growing supplies. This includes everything from grow cubes, fish food, water testing equipment, grenhouse monitors and alarms, fish nurseries, fish purge systems and more.  Fish Nurseries   Fish Purge Systems 

Please read our Systems FAQ to learn more.

Need a Greenhouse?

Nelson and Pade, Inc. has collaborated with PolyTex, Inc., a well-respected greenhouse manufacturer to develop the NP300 greenhouse. The NP300 is manufactured by PolyTex, Inc. and is specifically designed to house Nelson and Pade Inc.’s Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® to provide the environmental conditions as well as the bio-security features required for optimum performance, energy efficiency and food safety. Learn more about the NP300 Greenhouse.

We offer complete greenhouse packages for all of our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®

Customer, Jeff Hafner, Iowa, comments: "I am greatly enjoying the assembly and watching the system grow. My Dad says the greenhouse feels like heaven when he walks in. I went with Nelson and Pade because I knew my learning curve was steep and wanted to buy a system and have the support of knowledgeable people, without spending days and hours recreating the wheel."

System Specification Matrix

Note: Data and pricing subject to change. Call or email with questions.

Commercial-300 4-300-Greens 4-300-Combo
Annual Lettuce Production 27,000 - 38,000 heads 20,000 - 28,000 heads
Annual fruiting crops 0 2,700 - 3,700 lbs
Annual Fish Production 1,200 lb  1,200 lb
Footprint 2 Bays, 30 x 72 (4,320 sq. ft.) 2 Bays, 30 x 72 (4,320 sq. ft.)
Estimated Labor/day 5 hours 5-7 hours
 Electrical requirements call  call
Base price  $36,495  $41,895
Palleting Charge  $650  $650
 optional equipment    
Commercial-500 6-500-Greens 4-500-Combo
Annual Lettuce Production 42,000- 57,000 heads 31,000-45,000
Annual fruiting crops 0  4,000-5,200 lbs.
Annual Fish Production 4845 lbs  2000 lbs
Footprint 2 Bays, 30' x 96' (5,760 sq ft.)  2 Bays, 30' x 96' (5,760 sq ft.)
Estimated Labor/day 8-10 hours/day  8-12 hours/day
Electrical requirements call  call
Base price $56,995  $63,395
Palleting Charge $850 $850
 optional equipment    
Commercial-800 6-800-Greens  
Annual Lettuce Production 64,500 - 92,000 heads /year  
Annual fruiting crops 0  Note: Media beds can be added in
an additional greenhouse bay
Annual Fish Production 7,600 lbs.


Footprint 3-30' x 120' bays, 10,800 sq. ft.  
Estimated Labor/day 14-16 hours/day  
 Electrical requirements call  
Base price $75,495 + Project planning fee  
Palleting Charge $950  
 optional equipment    
Commercial-1200 6-1200-Greens  
Annual Lettuce Production  96,000 - 140,000 heads/year  
Annual fruiting crops  0  Note: Media beds can be added in
an additional greenhouse bay
Annual Fish Production  11,750 lbs  
Footprint  3 Bays, 30' x 156' (14,040 sq. ft.)  
Estimated Labor/day  24 hours/day (i.e. 3 workers, 8 hr/day)  
 Electrical requirements  call  
Base price  $98.495 + Project planning fee  
Palleting Charge $1,150  
 optional equipment  



  • Lettuce Production: The low end of the range is for a system set up under natural, seasonal light and with minimal efforts. The high end of the range is for a system setup under optimum light levels and proper environmental conditions. Results may vary.
  • Fish Production: based on raising Nile tilapia, stocked at 50 gram fish and harvested at 1.5 lbs. Results may vary. Displayed in pounds of whole fish. Fillets are about 1/3 of this.
  • Footprint: This is the space the standard system configuration fits within, with room for optional equipment, packing and to walk and work around it. This will be the size of the greenhouse or building that you put the system in. If you have special space requirements, we can design the system to fit, but a custom design fee will apply.
  • Estimated labor/day: This is the number of hours we estimate that it will take to maintain the system, feed the fish and seed, transplant and harvest the crops. The range reflects the range of lettuce production.
  • Electrical requirements: This is for the aquaponic system itself. It does not include electrical requirements for a greenhouse, water heaters, fans, cooling or other equipment that might be used.
  • Base price: The base price of our systems includes everything in the description above. It does not include sales tax, shipping or optional equipment.  Note: On the C800 and C1200 systems, project planning is required.  Price depends on project complexity. Contact us for quote.
  • Palleting charge: This charge covers the cost of time and materials for packaging, palletizing and preparing systems for freight shipment.

Greenhouses Nelson and Pade, Inc. offers our engineered, high-quality NP300 greenhouse to house our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®.
NP300 Greenhouse

Optional Equipment The Clear Flow Aquaponic System® is the centerpiece of your aquaponics venture, but you will need other equipment to make it a business.  Check out our selection of Optional Equipment.