Patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP®

Over the past 20 years Nelson and Pade, Inc.® has been designing, manufacturing and selling aquaponic systems which are used for a variety of applications including commercial ventures, home food production, education models and social and mission projects.  Our goal and focus has always been on making the systems as efficient and sustainable as possible.  In a development that brings aquaponics to a whole new level of food production, Nelson and Pade, Inc.® has developed and announced the patented ZDEP® (near Zero Discharge – Extra Production) system. The ZDEP® reuses nutrient rich water in the system to grow more plants, while at the same time reducing water usage and eliminating a waste-water stream from entering the environment.

The ZDEP® extracts clean water and captures more nutrients from the sludge that used to be  wasted. The clean water leaving the ZDEP® is used to refresh system water, reducing overall water usage while growing more plants in the system.   The ZDEP® generates an additional all-natural fertilizer stream that can be used to grow more plants in living filter beds, outdoor raised beds or gardens. Or, this can be disposed of.

All Clear Flow Aquaponics Systems® for commercial food production now come with the ZDEP®, reducing water usage and increasing both fish and vegetable production.

When examining food production and resources used in our patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP® to traditional field production, the differences are staggering.  When comparing lettuce production using 1 acre of Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP® to 1 acre of lettuce farming in the Gila Valley, Arizona, we can grow 6 times more lettuce per acre using 1/6 of the water on an annual basis.  This is all done without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.  Plus, we grow 40,000 lbs. of fish from that same patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP®.

The motivation for developing the ZDEP® was to grow more food with our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® while reducing water usage and waste, all while making the systems both economically and environmentally more sustainable.

As part of our efforts in ensuring food safety, making sustainable choices and encouraging success for our clients, 90% of our system components are sourced within the US and 60% are sourced within several surrounding states, reducing transportation costs, encouraging regional job creation and maintaining quality.

Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® are recirculating systems. The water constantly flows from the fish tanks, to the biological filter tanks to the plant grow beds and then back to the fish tanks.   In addition to using a minimum of water, these systems are energy efficient as well.  The majority of the water flow is achieved through gravity.  We do use water pumps and an air pump in each system, but we are careful to select high quality, high-efficiency, low horse power units.

Patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP® are typically used in commercial ventures to provide fresh fish and vegetables to a community, helping to fill the growing demand for year ‘round local fresh food.  Therefore, our patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP® reduce transportation costs for food and ensure the availability of high quality, nutritious food to local communities.

Nelson and Pade, Inc.®, The Most Trusted Name in Aquaponics®, offers patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP®, the Aquaponics Master Class®, supplies and technical support through the Nelson and Pade Grower Program. Our decades of experience in aquaponics are reflected in proven system designs, successful operations, comprehensive training and knowledgeable staff.