Nelson and Pade – Grower Support Program

The Nelson and Pade Grower Support Program helps aquaponic growers get off to a great start, with proven technical support and continuous access to the leaders of the industry, valuable information and updates and direct access to over 30 years of experience and success. The Nelson and Pade Grower Support Program is available to aquaponic growers, in their first year, using Nelson and Pade, Inc.® Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®.

Prerequisite:  Nelson and Pade, Inc. online Aquaponics Master Class®

Benefits of participating in the Nelson and Pade Grower Support Program include:

  • Technical Support when you need it! Once enrolled, you are actively supported by Nelson and Pade, Inc. in your first year, while you assemble, establish and operate your Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®Greenhouses and Indoor Farming Course
  • During the first year, the Nelson and Pade Grower Support Program assists growers with each of these support services:
    • Assembly Guidance
    •  System start up support
    • Operational Support
  • Technical Support via email and phone
  • Knowledgeable team members provide prompt responses to your questions.
  • Interpretation of water, nutrient solution and leaf analysis
  • Interpretation of water quality data
  • Training videos, available in some situations, available exclusively to those in the Nelson and Pade Grower Program
  • Updates to Data forms, SOPS, manuals and Food Safety recommendations
  • Periodic Grower Bulletin
    • receive updates on topics that affect every grower
    • new developments and cutting edge research
    • relevant products
    • marketing strategies
    • operational guidance and seasonal considerations
  • International recognition of Nelson and Pade brand, known for:
    • Standardized, proven systems
    • Comprehensive training programs
    • Comprehensive SOPs and GAP plan
    • Focus on Food Safety and Quality
  • Additional revenue streams for your business:
    • Become eligible for Distributor program after 1 year of successful growing
    • Potentially host Nelson and Pade, Inc.® Seminars and Aquaponic Master Classes®
  • After the first year, additional support is available to be purchased as “support blocks.” 


The cost of enrollment is dependent on the size of the Clear Flow Aquaponic System.  Contact us for more information.

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Nelson and Pade Grower Support Program!

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