AquaUltraViolet UV, Classic 25 watt


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AquaUltraViolet UV, Classic 25 watt

Classic-UV sterilizer series-diagramWhy use UV in aquaponics?

UV sterilizes water by killing free floating bacteria in the water column.  Yes, it will kill all of the bacteria passing by the UV light. This includes both pathogens and beneficial bacteria.  However, any bacteria that is attached to the tank walls, media or other substrate in the system is safe. This is where most of your beneficial bacteria live, so most are safe.  Given the importance of food safety in aquaponics, it makes sense to install UV sterilization.  Especially if you are growing food to sell or in a classroom environment where bio-security might be lax.

We offer the high quality Aqua Ultraviolet line of UV sterilizers.

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