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Fish Food for AquaponicsFish Food for Aquaponics


Nelson and Pade, Inc. offers a high quality fish food for aquaponics.  It is designed for omnivorous fish, like tilapia and blue gill, is made of the finest ingredients and is NON-GMO!

Quality Ingredients
This diet is essentially free of GMO ingredients.  Removing the GMO ingredients creates a better diet for the fish because it relies on fish proteins rather than plant proteins.  This is a more natural diet for fish and one that will likely result in higher Omega 3’s in our fish.  The fish nutritionists we are working with assure us the higher Omega 3 levels will naturally occur as a result of the higher fish meal and fish oil content.


  • GMO Free diet for the fish
  • Proteins primarily from fish meal and fish oil
  • No-terrestrial animal by-products
  • High quality diet, ideal for aquaponics


  • Offered in 1 lb, 5 lb and 50 lb bags.
  • Grow out pellets for fish 50 grams and larger.
  • Also available: Starter Diets for fry and fingerlings

Shipping Notes:

  • Price includes freight within the Continental United States.
  • Call for pricing and freight quotes for Hawaii and Alaska.
  • We do not ship fish food Internationally