Profitable, Dependable, Efficient, Sustainable


Those four words describe what people considering commercial aquaponic food production need and want their systems to be in order to succeed. When you look at an existing successful aquaponic farm, their system will demonstrate these four things: profitability, dependability, efficiency and sustainability.

As entrepreneurs, we understand this and have demonstrated it for over thirty years, first in commercial hydroponics and, for the last 20 years, in commercial aquaponics. In the development of our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®, we have always kept these four points in mind as we continually research and innovate to make our systems more profitable, dependable, efficient and sustainable.

We recently upgraded our commercial system offerings, increasing the production of vegetables yet again, by utilizing the fish waste in a more efficient manner, through our patented ZDEP™ system, and integrating more plant growing area while eliminating waste and maintaining the same fish food input. Our latest offerings generate more food and more profit.

As part of our efforts in ensuring food safety, making sustainable choices and encouraging success for our clients, 90% of our system components are sourced within the US and 60% are sourced within several surrounding states, reducing transportation costs, encouraging regional job creation and maintaining quality.

In another recent development, we have created and now offer the “Success Package,” which is available to all of our customers purchasing one of our commercial Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems.®  The Success Package bundles the three most important services we offer to a new grower: our Extended Stay Learning Program, onsite Assembly Guidance and the Nelson and Pade Grower Program, into one package at a much lower price than buying each of these services separately.  Our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® give our growers a proven system design that maximizes crop production in an efficient and sustainable way.  The Success Package gives them the training, technical support and guidance they need to be successful long term.

Nelson and Pade, Inc.®, the most respected name in aquaponics™, offers Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with the patented ZDEP™, the Aquaponics Master Class, supplies, training and technical support through the Nelson and Pade Grower Program. Our decades of experience in aquaponics are reflected in proven system designs, successful operations, comprehensive training and knowledgeable staff.

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