2 Acres of Aquaponics Being Installed Right Now!

There is an enormous amount of talk about aquaponics and a lot of news stories and press releases about people planning projects and planning to scale up small projects into multi-acre facilities.

Earlier this year, Farmed Here in Chicago busted out a lot of press about their massive indoor farm which, in reality is a fraction of the size represented in the media hype.  A couple of months ago, a new aquaponic farm in California made the headlines with 8 acres of aquaponics that was really only a few thousand square feet of operating aquaponic systems at that time.  Just last week there was a media campaign that came out of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that said they were poised to become the leaders in aquaponics, yet they have not produced or presented a working model to date.   All of these examples use big claims to garner big headlines for what they have planned, not what they have done.

I prefer to showcase what we achieve.  

You can look at the history of our company on our website and learn a lot about what we have been doing over the past 20 year to establish, develop and lead this industry.  From the advent of the Aquaponics Journal in 1997 to teaching the first classes on aquaponics to developing the first complete, commercially viable, science-based aquaponics systems, our record speaks for itself.  When you fast forward to today and see the impact Nelson and Pade, Inc. is having around the world in aquaponics, it is evident that we have continued our path of excellence in comprehensive training, system design and grower support.

In 2006 we standardized our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® and have been providing them to our clients for all applications of aquaponics ever since.  Recently we designed and now offer the first controlled environment greenhouse designed specifically for aquaponics, with features that optimize environmental conditions for both fish and plants and enhance bio-security and food safety.

Our experience and reputation has allowed us to work with many individuals in establishing aquaponic ventures around the world.  We take each and every customer’s investment in aquaponics seriously and, over the years as aquaponics has gained popularity, the investments have grown.  Our customers demonstrate their confidence in our company by choosing to work with us.

A great example of this is the number and size of commercial projects being installed right now.  The commercial projects that we are currently building total nearly 2 acres and will annually produce approximately ¾ million heads of lettuce and 50,000 lbs. of fish.  These projects are fully funded on the private side and are not dependent on grants or taxpayer money. This is only what is being built right now. It doesn’t include the nearly 5 acres we already have in place and it doesn’t include what is in the planning stage.

We truly believe that aquaponics can provide food security, food safety and better nutrition.  And, it can be done in an economically and environmentally viable manner with our systems, techniques and support.

The entire Nelson and Pade Team demonstrates this every day… we talk the talk and walk the walk.  We aren’t planning to do this, we do it.  We grow, sell and eat aquaponically-grown produce and fish; we build, ship and install aquaponic systems for our clients; we teach the science and business of aquaponics in our classes and seminars.

Nelson and Pade…we live, breath, eat and share aquaponics.