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Commercial Aquaponics in Kentucky

Project Type: Commercial aquaponic farm in a controlled environment greenhouse
Location: Kentucky, USA
Area: 8,000 sq. ft., with room for expansion
Nelson and Pade, Inc. Systems: Large Commercial with Living Filter Beds
Project Mission and goals: To profitably grow and sell fresh fish and vegetables, year-round to clients in the region.
Crops Produced: Tilapia, lettuce, greens, swiss chard, kale, tomatoes
Customer Base: Grocery stores, restaurants, Universities

Project Timeline:

  • 12/2016 – Client engaged in Project Planning
  • 1/2017 – Client attended Aquaponics Master Class®
  • Fall/2017 –Winter/2018 – Greenhouse site preparation, infrastructure and logistics
  • Spring, Summer/2018 – Greenhouse is constructed and aquaponic system built
  • Spring, Summer/2018 – Media coverage by local TV, radio and other media outlets began
  • Summer/2018 – July/ 2018 – Client attended ESLP (Extended Stay Learning Program) at Nelson and Pade, Inc.®
  • Fall/2018 – Begin selling fresh vegetables to buyers in the region
  • Late Fall/2018 – Commercial aquaponic farm in operation
  • Sept, 2021 – Named Agri-business of the year
  • 2022 – West KY Aquaponics continues to thrive, embracing innovative marketing techniques and their well-established Nelson and Pade Aquaponic farm

what our client says

We chose the Nelson and Pade commercial aquaponics system because of their 30-year history of research and proven success.  Nelson and Pade didn’t just sell us a system, they have been there for us every step of the way, from the Master Class all the way through our Extended Stay Learning.  The entire staff has provided and continues to provide support via emails and phone calls as needed. They have even made multiple visits to OUR greenhouse.  We are so happy to be part of the Nelson and Pade family!

Project Status:

This commercial aquaponic farm was established as a family business. They have been successful in their operation and marketing and are running the system at full capacity. West KY Aquaponics is proud to hold these certifications:

  • Certified Naturally Grown
  • GAP (Good Agriculture Practices)
  • Buy Local
  • Kentucky Proud
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