Getting Inside Aquaponics with Nelson and Pade, Inc.

Fish Farming News
By Bob Robinson

An excerpt from the article

Montello, WI – Early this past summer I took a fun round trip to this small hamlet not far from my home to visit the headquarters of aquaponics educators and innovators, Nelson and Pade, Inc.

As many of you already know, company principles Rebecca Nelson and John Pade have worked extensively within the hydroponic and aquaponic industries for over 20 years.

Their impressive new faciity has been specifically desinged to educate the public concerning the benefits of aquaponics, to demonstrate the technology needed for an effective aquaponic system and to provide a working model for hands-on learning.

Nelson and Pade, Inc. offers complete growing systems, while also providing the supporting supplies for many applications including: hobby, home food production, education commercial and research.

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