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Ali Berlow – Food Activist Handbook:
Big & Small Things You Can Do to Help Provide Fresh, Healthy Food for Your Community

Small steps can create big changes in your community’s food quality and food security. Together, we can get more healthy food to more people and support a better food system.

In this publication, author Ali Berlow shows you dozens of things that anyone can do. Such actions include creating a neighborhood kitchen for preserving fresh food to mapping farmland, growing food in aquaponics, and connecting food pantries with food producers. Other actions could be starting a school garden or organizing a community composting initiative.

Author Ali Berlow  shares her grassroots experience organizing people and developing programs with proven results. Addtionally,  she offers dozens of steps, both large and small, that individuals can take in their communities. These actions range from starting a school garden to organizing a community composting program, and much more.

Berlow also profiles nonprofits, farmers, teachers, activists, cooks, schools, government agencies, and consumers from around the country who are working to improve their food communities. Packed with practical advice and insider know-how, The Food Activist Handbook is an indispensable resource for anyone committed to making a difference in how and what we eat.

About the Author

Ali Berlow is the author of The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse and the co-owner of Edible Vineyard.  She has been writing professionally for over 10 years. Nine years ago, Ali founded Island Grown Initiative, which is a grassrooots non-profit on Martha’s Vineyard.  Ali lives in West Tisbury, Massachusetts and in Putney, Vermont.

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