Online Class Testimonials

I just finished the Aquaponics 101 recently and it was super easy to navigate, had good information & videos to get what I needed out of it for the classroom.  Thanks to Nelson and Pade for offering this opportunity!

Melinda G, Agri-Science Educator

Melinda Goplin Aquaponics June 25, 2020

 I really enjoyed your online Aquaponics Daily Operations class, and I can’t wait to apply my new knowledge to our aquaponics garden. 

Celia M, Oklahoma Aquaponics June 23, 2020

I am liking the course. The handouts that are included are great so I will have a resource to look back at after the course so I can work to implement this into the classes I teach. The videos are great. It is thorough and most of the other questions I will have appear like they will be addressed in the master class. I have always wanted to do the in person class but was never able to make it work. I am glad to see the online alternative.

Randy C. Aquaponics May 28, 2020

I'm really enjoying the online class so far, thanks for putting it together!

Craig B. Aquaponics May 28, 2020

Your products are inspirational, educational and the quality is outstanding.  The idea of being able to take the class from home is truly great because I don’t have to spend a lot of money and time in hotels to see what you are doing. It was awesome and well worth my time and money. Thank you for your wonderful classes!”

Gail Wallace Aquaponics May 28, 2020