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Food Bank in Mississagua, Canada

Project Type: Social/Urban system at Mississauga Food Bank
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Area: 800 sq. ft
Nelson and Pade, Inc. Systems: Expanded Home Garden. They have six grow beds, a seedling nursery and three fish tanks that produce approximately 2,500 servings of fish and 28,000 servings of greens each year.
Project Mission and goals: All of the healthy greens and protein-rich fish are distributed to member agencies across Mississauga. From there they are given to hungry members of the community who otherwise would have limited access to fresh, healthy food.
Crops Produced: Tilapia, lettuce and greens
Customer Base: Community members in need of fresh food

Project Timeline:

  • 2015 – Client attended Nelson and Pade, Inc.’s® Aquaponics Master Class®
  • 2016 – Client placed order for aquaponic system and equipment from Nelson and Pade, Inc.®
  • 2016 – Client installed aquaponics system and began growing
  • 2017– Client expanded system to increase production
  • 2022 – System continues to run and have a positive impact on the Mississauga community.

what our client says

I gained a lot of valuable experience during my stay and I credit that to your fantastic team of staff who provided an excellent, friendly, and interactive environment to learn in. Operating the greenhouse first-hand has been a huge benefit because it simplified all the processes and made them far less intimidating to tackle on my own. All of the above has led me to become much more confident in running our Home Garden system at the food bank now and for that I'm extremely grateful! -Aquaponic Farm Manager

Project Status:

This system is in full production and continues to provide fresh fish and vegetables to the Mississauga community.

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