Richard Tyler

I want to take a few minutes to tell you thank you. Jackie, Logan, and my life has changed so much in the past few months. Jackie has been eating our produce and her health, sleep, and energy has been amazing. Logan has been so excited about the new coop being developed through the help of USDA program. The tribes and his professor have made it their mission to help this get off the ground and stable. It is so great.

And for me the love and ability to share this aquaponic system with people from all over the world is amazing, not to forget the help to the food pantries in our area. There are 65 families that would never be able to purchase this produce today are getting through a sister pantry. Tomorrow 800 heads will go to eastern Oklahoma food bank.

Thank you for sharing your time and resources to make all of this happen. God bless you and your company.

Note: Richard and his family are operating a 6-500 Clear Flow Aquaponic System.® The photo was taken at Nelson and Pade, Inc. during the Tyler’s Extended Stay Learning Program.

Richard Tyler October 20, 2016

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