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302 Aquaponics is a Large Commercial Aquaponic Farm in Delaware

Project Type: Large Commercial
Location: Dover, Deleware, USA
Area: 20,000 sq ft
Nelson and Pade, Inc. Systems: 2 Large Commercial Systems with Living Filter Beds, 2 Fish Nurseries
Project Mission and goals: 302 Aquaponics is a family-owned and operated aquaponic farm that grows and sells premium quality fish and vegetables
Crops Produced: Tilapia, lettuce, greens and other vegetables
Customer Base: Local markets, schools, restaruants and grocers

Project Timeline:

  • 2018 – Client attended Aquaponics Master Class® and engaged Nelson and Pade, Inc.® in project planning
  • 2019 – 302 Aquaponics placed order for greenhouse and Nelson and Pade, Inc.® aquaponic systems
  • 2020 – Commercial systems are in full operation, producing fresh fish and vegetables
  • 2021/2022 – 302 Aquaponics increases the farm offerings with the additional of chickens for eggs, bees for honey and a variety of other farm animals.


Project Status:

302 Aquaponics continues to promote their products, catering to the needs of existing customers and establishing new customer relationships through innovative marketing, tours and outreach programs. From the farm markets and new farm animals, to harvest host and other innovative marketing efforts, the 302 Aquaponics Family is embracing the lifestyle, working hard and having a very positive impact.

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