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School Systems in Louisiana

Project Type: Urban School systems
Location: Baton Rouge Louisiana, USA
Area: 1,000 sq. ft.
Nelson and Pade, Inc. Systems: System 1 = F5, System 2 = Research System 2-100 (600 sq. ft.)
Project Mission and goals: This innovative school project embraces learning science, engineering, agriculture, business, math, nutrition and business in a reward-based program that is inspiring students to stay in school. It provides a bridge between a middle and high school.
Crops Produced: Tilapia, lettuce, greens and other vegetables
Customer Base: Students

Project Timeline:

  • 2017 – Client attended Aquaponics Master Class
  • 2016 – Client placed order for and installed first aquaponic system for middle school
  • 2017 – Client and teachers attended ESLP (Extended Stay Learning Program at Nelson and Pade)
  • 2017 – Client ordered and installed second aquaponic system for high school

Project Status:

This is a very successful program that has connected students, teachers and community.

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