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Commercial Aquaponic Farm in Arizona

Project Type: Small Commercial Aquaponic Farm in a controlled environment greenhouse
Location: Arizona, USA
Area: 4,000 sq. ft. Growing Area
Nelson and Pade, Inc. Systems: Small Commercial Module
Project Mission and goals: A commercial aquaponic farm to provide fresh fish and vegetables to the community and a steady income in retirement for the owners.
Crops Produced: Blue Gill, lettuce and greens
Customer Base: Restaurants

Project Timeline:

  • 2011 – Client engaged in Project Planning
  • Mid 2012 – Client ordered greenhouse and aquaponic system
  • Late 2012-early 2013 – Greenhouse was built and aquaponic system assembled, by client
  • Mid 2013 – Client attended Aquaponics Master Class
  • Late 2013 – Fish and plants were added to the system
  • Late 2013 – Client had open house and found buyers for all crops that would be grown
  • Late 2019 – Initiating Expansion plans to keep up with product demand

what our client says

We grow fish and produce for sale to our local restaurants. We couldn’t have done this successfully without the knowledge, assistance, and encouragement we received from the Nelson & Pade team and their science-based aquaponics system. We originally worked with N & P only as consultants to determine whether or not doing aquaponics could be a financially viable way for a small family to make a living. They earned our respect and trust quickly with their open attitudes, vast experience, and willingness to discuss the pros and cons of the many options we were exploring. After this investigative process we then chose them to design a system for us. Because of our enthusiasm, our original system design was well over our available budget. Undaunted, N & P worked with us to create a system that fit our initial budget and allow for future expansion. With the success we are experiencing using our downsized system, it has become evident that we will be able to expand our system to its full size and capacity. John, Rebecca and the Nelson and Pade team continue to be a great resource and support system for us as we encounter issues that occur as an integral part of any agricultural venture. They provide clear concise answers to our questions in a very short time, helping us to remain productive and profitable. We have come to trust John, Rebecca and the N & P team to continue assisting us as we grow and operate our successful aquaponics operation.  We consider them to be valuable, trusted partners in our business and continued success.

Project Status:

This farm has been in continuous operation since 2013 and the owners are currently planning an expansion to keep up with demand for their products.

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