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Caribbean Aquaponics Farm Gears up for Expansion

Project Type: Major expansion of Nelson and Pade, Inc.® Aquaponic Systems to provide more fresh fish and veggies to the people on the island of Bonaire
Location: Bonaire, Southern Caribbean
Area: 2,880 sq. ft., expanding to 10,000 sq. ft
Nelson and Pade, Inc. Systems: MicroFarm plus Large Commercial Systems
Project Mission and goals: To profitably grow and sell fresh fish and vegetables, year-round to clients in the region.
Crops Produced: Tilapia, lettuce, greens, swiss chard, kale, tomatoes, peppers
Customer Base: Restaurants, grocers and retail to the general public.

Project Timeline:

  • Early 2020 – Purchased Micro Farm aquaponic system from Nelson and Pade, Inc.®
  • Aug, 2020 – Began operating MicroFarm on the island of Bonaire
  • Dec, 2020 – Established customers and distribution channels
  • June, 2021 – Secured lease for additional land and began building phase 2 – a Large Commercial Expansion from Nelson and Pade, Inc.®
  • Jan, 2022 – Began Large Commercial System assembly
  • 2nd Qtr, 2022 – Begin operating Large Commercial System

what our client says

Things are going well here and we continue to make strides. We hope to have the new systems all built and started by the end of February. We will continue to operate the MicroFarm until the commercial farm can take over. We also want to start working on our application for our next piece of land. We plan on building another greenhouse big enough to house 2 large commercial systems. We are looking forward to growing with you over the next 10 years! (in update on the expansion, Jan, 2022) -Bonaire Daily Fresh

Project Status:

To establish the business and gain market share, Bonaire Daily Fresh started their aquaponics venture with a Micro Farm from Nelson and Pade, Inc.® In early 2022, they will begin operation of a Large Commercial system from Nelson and Pade, Inc.® and have plans to expand with 2 additional Large Commercial systems as soon as this one is running.  The high quality fish and veggies that they are growing, along with their innovative marketing program, has allowed them to quickly gain dedicated customers and increase the demand for fresh premium quality fish and vegetables on the island of Bonaire.

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