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See a Commercial Indoor Farm in Ontario, Canada

Project Type: Large-scale Commercial Indoor Aquaponic Cannabis Farm in Canada
Location: Ontario, Canada
Area: 24,000 sq. ft. Growing Area
Nelson and Pade, Inc. Systems: 4 Commercial Modules and 2 Nursery System
Project Mission and goals: As a licensed Canadian cannabis producer, to successfully and profitably grow premium quality pharmaceutical grade cannabis.
Crops Produced: Cannabis, tilapia
Customer Base: Medical industry and prescription holders in Canada

Project Timeline:

  • 2013 – Client attended Aquaponics Master Class
  • Late 2014 – Client placed order for aquaponic systems and equipment
  • Early 2015 – Systems Delivered and Assembled
  • Mid 2015 – Systems stocked with fish and plants
  • Early 2016 – Systems in full production

what our client says

The facility’s aquaponics system comes from a Wisconsin company called Nelson and Pade, run by Rebecca Nelson and John Pade, who have been a huge resource for Green Relief, providing training as well as scientific and production advice along the way. “They’ve both been to the facility, giving us a lot of positive information on how to deal with oxygenation, stocking density, organic beneficial bacteria, and many other issues.

Project Status:

This Canadian indoor commercial cannabis farm is achieving its goals and exceeding expectations of quality and quantity.

Customer Statements on Quantity and Quality of Production:

  • They produce 30% more product than any other method of growing

  • Their growth time (cutting to harvest) is 2 months, resulting in 6 crop turns/year

  • Cost of production is significantly lower than other methods because there is no fertilizer cost

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