Project Planning

Rebecca Nelson and John Pade are well known for their common-sense approach and practical methods, designs and philosophies.
Visit the company’s History Page to learn more. Their experience in aquaponics and controlled environment agriculture can help you get started growing premium crops, profitably and in an environmentally friendly way!

For those in the planning stages of a commercial aquaponics project, we offer Project Planning services.  This includes:

What can Nelson and Pade’s Experience do for you?

Know the Real Cost of Your Project!

projectplanningNelson and Pade, Inc.® can provide you with precise cost estimates for starting your project. Success comes from proper planning and adequate funding. Let Nelson and Pade, Inc.® help you get started!

Select the Right Equipment and Culture System!

With experience in traditional, naturally ventilated and retractable roof greenhouses, Nelson and Pade, Inc.® can assist you in choosing the right greenhouse and growing system for your crops and climate.

Earn Extra Income Your First Year Growing!

With project guidance from Nelson and Pade, Inc.®, you will finish construction sooner, plant sooner and begin earning money sooner! Plus, you’ll have their experience-based input which will contribute toward a successful crop and profitable business! Their cost-saving tips will put money in your pocket and their expertise will ensure a properly-built greenhouse.

Get Help When You Need It!

Nelson and Pade, Inc.® can be involved from the initial site survey and project planning all the way through construction, assembling the growing system, seeding the first crop and even marketing….or any portion of the process you wish. They can assist in finding the right contractors when needed. They are willing to travel to your site and can provide experienced aquaponic system installers if you need extra assistance!

Grow Better, Before Bigger!

You can increase your net income without increasing the square footage of your greenhouse! Nelson and Pade, Inc.® works with growers to increase their income through better growing techniques and implementing new and innovative methods. Expansion of the greenhouse should come after you’ve learned to maximize your growing system.

Project Planning and Design

Project Planning and Design fees are based on the scope, length and complexity of the project. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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