Nelson and Pade, Inc.® History and Achievements

Highlights from the past 30 years:




  • June 15, 2015 – Announce increased production on all of our patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP®
  • April 23-25 – Hosted the Grand Opening of our new, expanded greenhouses facilities and the UWSP-Aquaponics Innovation Center
  • We’ve now had attendees of our Aquaponics Master Class™ from all 50 states and 85 countries, spanning 5 continents
  • Nelson and Pade, Inc.® continues to experience consistant growth and expanding customer base


  • We are finishing construction on a brand new 14,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art aquaponics greenhouse facility at our Montello campus, a part of which will house the new UW-Stevens Point Aquaponics Innovation Center
  • As of mid-2014, we have had attendees from over 60 countries and 49 US states attend our Aquaponics Master Class!
  • Received “Sustainable Product of the Year” Award for our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP® from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council
  • Granted patent from the USPTO office on the ZDEP® (Zero Discharge/Extra Production) aquaponic system
  • Nominated for Innovative Product of the Year


  • Helped to launch the International Aquaponic Society
  • Expanded our product offerings
  • Had attendees from 4 continents attend our Spring, 2013 Aquaponics Master Class™
  • As of Dec, 2013, we have now had attendees of our Aquaponics Master Class™ from 46 countries and 49 US states
  • Area Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® cover will nearly double by the end of 2013


  • Co-developed the first hybrid University aquaponics course in partnership with UW-Stevens Point
  • Spring, 2012 – Announced new aquaponic systems, options and equipment


  • Increased workshop attendance to nearly 500 people from 23 counties and 48 US states
  • Announced the new ZDEP® aquaponic systems which increases plant production and eliminates waste.
  • Established partnership with UW-Stevens Point to offer University credit to attendees of Nelson and Pade, Inc.® workshops
  • Implemented project with University of Hawaii and Hawaii Dept. of Labor to offer job training and demonstration of Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® in Hawaii
  • Built and shipped Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® to clients in locations including: Trinidad, Mexico, Curacao, Montana, New York, Kansas, Maryland, Idaho, Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa and California


  • 2010 – Built a new 5,000 sq ft demonstration greenhouse
  • Moved into larger facility to accommodate growth
  • Taught aquaponics to over 200 people from 28 states and 12 countries in our workshops and extended stay learning programs
  • Shipped 20 complete Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® to customers in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia
  • Built, shipped and began the installation of the first Living Food Bank® Aquaponic System in Haiti.


  • Designed and installed two large commercial aquaponic facilities in Wisconsin (KP Simply Fresh in Baraboo, Future Farm in Baldwin)
  • Resumed our workshops and training (initially started in California in 1997)
  • Welcomed Dr. James Rakocy to our Board of Advisors.


  • Wrote and published the first comprehensive book on aquaponics, Aquaponic Food Production
  • Began offering complete aquaponic system packages for all applications including commercial, education, home food production and research
  • Installed an aquaponic system at the University of the Virgin Islands.


  • Relocated the business to Wisconsin from Mariposa, California.


  • Began offering custom aquaponic systems.


  • Taught the first aquaponics workshops in Australia.


  • Wrote and produced the first video on aquaponics, Aquaponic Food Production, available in English and Spanish.


  • Planned and assisted in the installation of 1/3 acre aquaponic system in Illinois.


  • Designed and installed a 1/2 acre aquaponic facility in California
  • Wrote and published the booklet Desktop Aquaponics (updated in 2004)
  • Began offering project planning and system design services
  • Continued building and testing various aquaponic systems, research and development.


  • Wrote Aquaponics Curriculum (now used in schools throughout the world); continued aquaponics research.


  • Built numerous controlled environment greenhouse using hydroponics, organic hydroponics and aquaponics throughout the United States.


  • Began publishing the Aquaponics Journal (62 issues published to date)
  • Continued aquaponics research
  • Offered the first aquaponics workshop
  • Wrote and produced the interactive CD-Rom, All About Aquaculture
  • Wrote and published the book set, How to Start and Succeed in the Hydroponics Business (updated in 2000 and 2004).


  • Established website
  • Wrote and produced the interactive CD-Rom, The Encyclopedia of Hydroponic Gardening, wrote and produced the video, Hobby Hydroponics.


  • Operated a variety of aquaponic systems in our California greenhouses and raised largemouth bass, catfish, bluegill, koi and fancy goldfish along with a variety of vegetables that were commercially sold.


  • Converted 3,000 sq ft hydroponic greenhouse to aquaponics.


  • Began building aquaponic systems, testing design theories in California greenhouses.


  • Built second controlled environment hydroponic greenhouse.


  • Built 5,000 sq ft hydroponic greenhouse; wrote and produced the video, Commercial Hydroponics.


  • Wrote and produced the first video on hydroponics, “Hydroponics: Set Up, Care and Maintenance”; built first 4-bay hydroponic controlled environment greenhouse in Wisconsin.