I have been searching the internet for aquaponics and watching YouTube videos on aquaponics for a while now and I just found your website. What a great resource. How could I have missed it before?

I am always surprised when people don’t find the domain www.aquaponics.com.   Our company has been on the first page (and for most of it, #1) of all search engines when searching for “aquaponics” since 1997.  Our company has been involved in aquaponics since before the internet was invented, researching, developing systems, teaching, working with the leading research scientists and refining aquaponics.  There was a time when people seeking information would consult learned individuals, qualified authorities who wrote books, university libraries, and even attend conferences.  I am always shocked when I find people who ignore the literary content of the internet, which was initially developed to share university literature and research, yet believe blogs written by amateurs and videos shot in someone’s backyard are accurate.

I am glad you found our website and company. Since you are somewhat new to aquaponics, one way to learn more would be to study our website thoroughly. There is a great deal of information.  You should also consider attending one of our 3 day Aquaponics Master Classes to get a good understanding of how our systems work and the production capability they have.  As you may have found there is no end to the websites on the internet promoting aquaponics.  Most of them have no history to their company that goes further back than the day they “discovered” aquaponics.  Even worse many have cleverly used modern marketing techniques as a substitute for substance.  Many of them became “consultants” after attending their very first workshop on aquaponics.  If you look at our company’s history, you will see what sets us apart.

We have been in the controlled environment agriculture, hydroponic and aquaponics business for over 25 years.  We have been working with the research scientists who, over the past 20 years, developed the science of aquaponics. Our company has advanced this science to a point where it is a viable industry so that this method of food production can be profitable while contributing to the ability to grow high quality, safe, nutritious food locally.

Not only do we offer complete science based growing systems and greenhouses that meet your local environmental conditions necessary for proper plant growth but we also offer the training, follow up technical support and expertise to create a bio-secure program that assures your consumers that the produce is safe and nutritious. Rebecca Nelson has also written a great book on aquaponics food production and that is the name of it.  You will find it on the “shop” section of our website.