Food Safe Plant Rafts for Aquaponics


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Food-Safe and Made for Aquaponics

Our Food Safe Plant Rafts for aquaponics have been designed specifically for our needs in aquaponic food production.  The polystyrene resin complies with FDA requirements for food contact applications.

The Nelson and Pade Plant Rafts for Aquaponics will not degrade when in a greenhouse or floating in the system water.

Standard 2′ x 4′ Size with Pre-drilled holes

Our 2′ x 4′ plant rafts for aquaponics will save you time and money in not having to cut your own. Plus, they are safe for food contact!

Save yourself a ton of time with our Plant Rafts for Aquaponics.  Our rafts are pre-drilled and pre-cut! They are ready to use. Prior to our pre-fab Plant Rafts, aquaponic growers purchased 4′ x 8′ sheets of dense polystyrene, such as Dow Board, and cut it into four rafts. Then, they had to drill the holes in each raft.  With our rafts, you save the time and hassle of cutting and drilling plant rafts for aquaponics.


These rafts are durable and last for years when handled properly.  


  • 2’ x 4’ plant raft
  • 18 holes per plant raft
  • Each hole is conical to accommodate a 1” rockwool cube
  • No cutting 4′ x 8′ sheets down to size. No drilling required.
  • Sold as single rafts.
  • Also available in a bundle of 66 at a discounted price.

****NOTE on Shipping** This system will be palletized and ready to ship via motor freight.  There will freight charges in addition to the product costs.  You will be contacted after you place the order to authorize and pay freight charge. Or, call before you order for a quote on these costs.


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