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Lettuce Crisper Specifications

The clear lettuce crisper offers an excellent way to package your aquaponic lettuce.  Each crisper easily showcases the quality of your lettuce, making it ideal for round heads, such as bibb, butter crunch and summer crisp. The clean, lightweight clam-shell type container has a well in the bottom for the plant roots. Consumers and Grocery retailers love the crisper because it protects the lettuce and prevents bruising, while allowing a potential buying to see the whole head.

Addtionally, the lettuce crisper is made of recycled products!  A win-win for all!

Dimensions and Packaging

  • Dimensions:  7″ wide x 6″ high
  • Made of 100% Recyclable Earth Friendly PETE

The crisper is ready for your custom label. Label and lettuce not included.

  • Packaged in a box of 420 crispers


The lettuce crispers do not include labels as shown. This allows you to customize the crispers with your own branding.

Extra shipping charges might apply.

Also available packaged in a box of 100 crispers.

Additional information

Weight 17.23651006 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 16 in


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