Friday Public Aquaponics Greenhouse Tour


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Tour the Nelson and Pade, Inc.® Aquaponic Greenhouses!

  • Learn about aquaponics and controlled environment agriculture.
  • Discover what you can grow and why it tastes better and is better for you.
  • Explore the greenhouse and various aquaponic systems and methods on display.
  • See science-based, highly productive Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® in action.
  • Taste the ultimate in naturally raised, aquaponic produce.

Notes about the tour

This is a general tour that will introduce you to Nelson and Pade, Inc.®, aquaponic food production and Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®. During the tour, you will see various sizes and types of aquaponic systems and many different crops. On the tour, we do not cover system design, water flow dynamics, system plumbing or advanced concepts. If you are interested in learning more details, consider attending one of our Aquaponics Master Classes®.

What you will learn

On the tour you will learn about the concepts of aquaponics and about the accomplishments of Nelson and Pade, Inc.®. Addtionally, you will learn about tilapia culture in aquaponics, plant selection, seeding and harvesting. The tour will also cover the various types of aquaponic methods, including the raft method, NFT and media beds. Finally, an introduction to the greenhouse and controlled environment agriculture will be covered.

When to tour

Public tours are offered most Fridays at 1pm.  Call to confirm availability. Be sure to note which Friday you are registering for when ordering online.


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