Non-GMO Fish Food for Aquaponics, Grow Out Food, 5 lb


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Non-GMO Fish Food for Aquaponics – available exclusively from Nelson and Pade, Inc.

Nelson and Pade, Inc. offers a high quality fish food for aquaponics.  It is designed for omnivorous fish, like tilapia and blue gill, is made of the finest ingredients and is NON-GMO!

Quality Ingredients

This diet is essentially free of GMO ingredients.  Removing the GMO ingredients creates a better diet for the fish because it relies on fish proteins rather than plant proteins.  This is a more natural diet for fish and one that the fish will love and will likely result in higher Omega 3’s in our fish.  The fish nutritionists we are working with assure us the higher Omega 3 levels will naturally occur as a result of the higher fish meal and fish oil content.

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 9 in

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  • GMO Free diet for the fish
  • Proteins primarily from fish meal and fish oil
  • No-terrestrial animal by-products
  • High quality diet, ideal for aquaponics


  • Grow Out Food
  • Available in 1 lb, 5 lb and 50 lbs. bags
  • Omnivore Diet – great for tilapia, blue gill, koi and other fish with similar dietary needs
  • For tilapia larger 50 grams
  • 5/32″ 4.0mm floating pellet
  • 35% protein, 6% fat, 5% fiber
  • Ingredients sourced as Non-GMO

Shipping Notes:

  • Price includes freight within the Continental United States.
  • Call for pricing and freight quotes for Hawaii and Alaska.
  • We do not ship fish food Internationally