1000 watt Metal Halide Grow Light Package


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1000 watt metal halide light package includes:

Yield Master Air cooled reflector
Sun System 1000 watt ballast
Ultra Sun MH Blue Enhanced Lamp

This light package is an excellent, low cost option for supplemental plant lighting.  It provides a full spectrum of light for optimal plant growth.

Light controllers available, sold separately.



Dimensions: 25L x 23.9W x 9.6H

Completely sealed with neoprene gasket and hinged glass.

Highly reflective aluminum interior for excellent reflectivity and diffusion.

6″ integrated air-cooled fittings with a bead ring to hold ducting firmly in place!

Galvanized steel with major brand powder coating.

Pre-wired with lamp cord and socket.

US Patent No: D698,628, D543,652, D545,485.


Master Green Ballast Features:

  • The Master Green™ 1000 watt HPS electronic ballast features high frequency 105 kHz micro processing technology optimized for operating double-ended 1000 watt HPS lamps.
  • The Master Green™ can operate at 60%, 70%, 100%, or Super Charge.
  • Extruded aluminum housing is lightweight and its compact design has active cooling (internal fan) and soft start technology, which promotes longer lamp life.
  • Our Master Green™ electronic ballast lamp cord receptacle is designed specifically for Sun System® brand reflectors.
  • The ballast operates at 120-240 volt power. Includes a 6.5 ft Convertible Smart Volt® dual ferrite, power cord and both 120 volt and 240 volts interchangeable plugs.


Ultra Sun™ lamps are high quality, feature robust construction and have excellent reliability at an economical price. One year warranty.

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 24 in

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