Training Begins for Haiti Aquaponics Project

With the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission aquaponics greenhouse nearly built, we have begun training three enthusiastic people who will be travelling to Haiti to run the new aquaponic system at NWHCM in Saint Louis Du Nord. Ed and Lora Ginter, from Kentucky, and Chris Clarke, from Montana, all arrived at Nelson and Pade, Inc.’s facility in Montello, WI March 8 to kick off their 2 month hands-on training program.
It has been a fun and fascinating first 2 weeks for all three, learning the daily operation of the systems, water quality testing and monitoring, fish feeding and feed calculations, filter maintenance, seeding, transplanting and harvesting and system assembly.

During the next 6 weeks, advanced principles will be covered, including fish biology, plant culturing and health, pest scouting and biological control, nutrient dynamics, system and greenhouse maintenance and more. Plus, the complete solar energy system will be tested, crated and shipped. John Pade and Education Director, Sarah Kaatz, have been providing direction and education to Ed, Lora and Chris. The whole Nelson and Pade, Inc. team is enjoying Ed, Lora and Chris’ enthusiasm, energy, motivation and company.

The aquaponic system at the Saint Louis Du Nord campus of NWHCM will be the first “Living Food Bank” in Haiti. In a collaboration between NWHCM and Nelson and Pade, Inc., large scale “Living Food Bank” aquaponic sytems will be installed, and will have a serious impact on the availability of fresh food in northwest Haiti and beyond.

This project is destined for success due to the combination of using a science-based aquaponic system design and a comprehensive training program from Nelson and Pade, Inc., along with the well-established and very capable Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.

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