Successful Workshop!

A great aquaponics workshop took place Sept 29 – October 2, 2010.  Dr. James Rakocy, John Pade and myself taught aquaponics concepts, technology, methods and design to 47 workshop attendees.  The response to this workshop was very positive.   The camaraderie among the attendees, hosts and our entire staff bloomed into friendships and business collaborations.
Attendees came from as far away as the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific to as close as Madison, Wisconsin.  Several attendees were “second-timers,” having travelled to Montello, WI for previous Nelson and Pade, Inc. workshops.  Countries represented by attendees included Spain, England, Trinidad and Tobago, Marshall Islands and the United States.

Photos from this workshop are on the Nelson and Pade, Inc. facebook page at

If you attended this workshop, feel free to share your comments!

Our next aquaponics workshop will take place December 9, 10 and 11.   Dr. Rakocy will again be joining Nelson and Pade for a workshop in April, 2011.  Dates to be announced.  Aquaponics workshop schedule and details can be found at:

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