Indoor Lettuce Farming is Booming!

Indoor Lettuce Farming is Booming!

Meeting the demand for quality food with indoor farming

The recent opening of several large-scale lettuce farms in the US that take advantage of indoor farming and sustainable farming practices demonstrates the growth of this industry and the demand for high quality lettuce and greens. 

Multiple new greenhouse operations are strategically-located to service local and regional markets. Modern indoor farming is substantially more productive than traditional farming.  Locating these farms near the marketplace allows the farm to deliver fresher product while reducing the cost of transportation.

Aquaponic farms, such as 302 Aquaponics and Alo Farms, utilize indoor aquaponic systems, which take advantage of diverse natural microbiomes, to grow all-natural, premium quality greens and fish.  Hydroponic farms, such as BrightFarms and Local Bounti, use soilless plant growing systems to help meet market demand for fresh lettuce. 

Aquaponically-grown greens are superior to hydroponic in that the process is completely natural and harnesses biological processes and the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants.  Additionally, aquaponic entrepreneurs harvest both fish and vegetables.
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Both hydroponics and aquaponics can be done indoors in year-round, controlled environment greenhouses or buildings.  Growing indoors allows for year-round food production in nearly any climate while reducing the challenges of pests, disease and weather-related crop loss.

If you are looking for a green business that can generate profit, consider commercial aquaponics and indoor farming!

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