Aquaponics in the Running for Pepsi Refresh Grant

Pepsi’s Refresh Grant helps to fund innovative ideas and projects.  Pepsi is giving away millions of dollars ($1,300,000 each month) to fund great ideas.  Each month, up to 1000 applications are accepted and then voting is open for 30 days.  Projects typically funded advance sustainable, community-oriented ideas.  This month, there are two aquaponics projects in the finals.  Anyone can vote, and participation is free.
Of the two aquaponics projects in the running, one is proposed to start an aquaponics program at a school to teach biology and to provide fresh lettuce to the school cafeteria.  The second proposes to start an aquaponic farm using green technology and providing jobs for veterans.

Visit the Pepsi Refresh Grant page to learn more about the program.

To read about the finalists, which include the two aquaponics projects mentioned above, visit the listing of finalists.

Voting for this month is open until the end of September, which means that as of today there are 9 days left to vote.  Vote now to help these two aquaponics projects become reality!

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