Greenhouse Facilities

Nelson and Pade, Inc.® Aquaponic Greenhouses

We have state-of-the-art, greenhouses that showcase our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®!

14,000 sq. ft. Commercial Greenhouse

The commercial greenhouse showcases state-of-the-art aquaponic food production in a naturally ventilated, energy efficient greenhouse.  Year ‘round we operate Commercial Clear Flow Aquaponic System® with ZDEP®.  This system includes 6-500 gallon fish tanks, all filter tanks and the ZDEP® system, raft tanks, living filter beds, automated germination system and the accelerated plant nursery system.  Also in operation is the optional fish nursery and purge systems.

Nelson and Pade’s 14,000 sq ft aquaponics greenhouse

This is a real-world, profitable commercial aquaponic system producing tilapia and a variety of lettuces, greens and other vegetables and herbs. All crops are sold within a 20 mile radius of the greenhouse.  Our produce is sold to local grocery stores, restaurants and the Montello and Westfield schools in Marquette County, as well as many individuals who stop by our on-site Montello Fresh™ farm stand.

The commercial greenhouse also houses our 1,260 sq. ft. classroom (1,260 sq. ft.), equipped with visual displays, large screen monitors and classroom seating for 40-50 people.

Food safety, biosecurity and energy efficiency are core components in the facility design which incorporates bio-secure double door entryways, insect screening on all openings, natural ventilation, insulation, computer control of peak and wall vents, energy shield shade and heat retention systems, wood boiler and heat exchangers…all demonstrating a commercially viable yet environmentally friendly operation.

1,200 sq. ft. Hobby Greenhouse

We have a beautiful hobby greenhouse to demonstrate using Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® for home food production.  In the hobby greenhouse, we have displayed the Family Plus and the Small Fry Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®.  Our home food production systems can provide fresh fish and vegetables for you, your family and friends all year long!

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