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Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® at the Nelson and Pade, Inc.® demonstration greenhouse in Montello, Wisconsin.

Nelson and Pade, Inc.® is the global leader in aquaponic systems, training support and commercial aquaponics ventures.

Allow us to share our knowledge and expertise to assist you in getting started and becoming successful in a profitable aquaponic business venture.  See below for a wealth of resources.


Aquaponics Project Planning

If you are in the planning stage for a commercial aquaponics business, our Aquaponics Project Planning service is where you should start.  There are many facets of writing a commercial aquaponics business plan and, like any business; it requires a solid foundation. Whether you are self-funding,  seeking funds from a bank, an investor or a grant, you need a clear understanding of the startup costs, operation costs and potential income, equipment required to achieve that.  Learn More…

Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®

Nelson and Pade, Inc.®’s Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® are designed based on scientific research and 20+ years of development, refinement and operation. Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® produce higher quality fish and vegetables with increased production over other systems.  Learn More…

Aquaponics Master Class®

The Aquaponics Master Class® is a comprehensive 3-day course covering all aspects of aquaponics, indoor farming and controlled environment agriculture. Our Aquaponics Master Class® is intended for anyone seriously considering getting into aquaponic food production, or those already doing aquaponics who want to learn more about the technology. We cover the topics most important to being successful in aquaponics including aquaponic methods and applications, crop choices and recommendations, water quality, daily operation and growing techniques, greenhouses, indoor agriculture and environmental control, fish biology and feeds, plant care and health, system start up, economics and business considerations.  Learn more…

Aquaponics Success Package

Nelson and Pade, Inc.® offer the Aquaponics Success Package to all customers who purchase our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®.  The Aquaponics Success Package consists of the three most important services we offer to a new grower. Our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® give you a proven system design that maximizes crop production in an efficient and sustainable way. The Aquaponics Success Package provides you the training, technical support and guidance you need to be successful long term. Learn more…

Equipment and Supplies

Nelson and Pade, Inc. offers everything you need to grow in aquaponcis, from equipment to growing supplies, the store has it all!  Learn more…

Learn more About Aquaponics

Read, watch and learn more about aquaponics, a sustainable method of raising both fish and vegetables. It is popular with individuals, entrepreneurs, educators, missions and governments.  Furthermore, with this type of indoor farming, you grow substantially more food with less water, land and labor than traditional agriculture.

What is aquaponics?…a resilient farming system that provides wellness and better nutrition.  Learn more…

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