What fish are best for desktop aquaponics?

Last week, I wrote a blog about plants that work well in desktop aquaponics systems, but plants can’t grow without nutrients from fish. Fish are the other half of an aquaponics system, so it makes sense to be careful with what fish you put in it.

Since desktop aquaponics systems are very limited in tank space, it’s not usually used to grow fish as food. Because of that, small and decorative fish are typically used in desktop aquaponics. Fish like tetras, which is what my school has in our miniature aquaponics system, guppies, bettas, pencilfish, goldfish, and angelfish are all very popular options for small systems. 

While all those fish are similar, they have different needs. For example, tetras need to live in schools, while male bettas have to live alone because they are agressive. Some fish may be able to live in small tanks, while a school may need much more space. It’s best to research these breeds and find what works best for your specific aquaponics set up before choosing a fish.

Feel free to post below and tell us what fish you are raising in aquaponics.

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  1. Austin says:

    We have goldfish in our tank!

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