Fish Purge Systems

Fish-purge-system1If you are raising fish to eat, we highly recommend a purge system to acheive the highest quality fish.  Three to four days before you are ready to harvest the fish,  you move them into the purge system and follow our techniques (eliminate feed and manipulate temperature and salinity).  You do this for 3-4 days. Using our purge system and purging techniques, your harvested fish will have a clean, fresh taste. The meat will have a firm texture and there will not be any fishy or musty taste.

Our purge systems are available in multiple sizes so you can pick the one that best meets your harvesting and marketing plan. The purge systems are stand-alone aquaculture systems with a fish tank(s) and filtration components to keep the water clean and fresh, resulting in the best tasting fish.

The purge process takes about 3-4 days, so when you are not purging fish, your purge system can also be used as an isolation tank, an observation tank, a holding tank or a hospital tank, so it is a very versatile addition to your aquaponic system.

Fish Purge System Models:

All of our Fish Purge Systems include the fish tanks, stands, all filter tanks and stands, aeration components, plumbing and water pump.  The air supply comes from your main system blower.

1-110 – purge up to 50 lbs of fish at a time

2-110 – purge up to 100 lbs of fish at a time

1-450 purge up to 225 lbs. of fish at a time

2-450 – purge up to 450 lbs of fish at a time

Options available on fish purge systems

  • Inline Electric Heater with plumbing loop
  • Electric Chiller with plumbing loop


Commercial Systems 

Optional Equipment