Aquaponics at heart of ‘Blue Revolution’

agri view article troyAgriView Magazine, article by Jane Fyksen

MONTELLO, Wis. — No cows, no cropland, but there’s plenty of protein and nutritious leafy greens. That’s what aquaponics offers.

A cutting-edge hybridization of aquaculture and hydroponics, aquaponics combines indoor rearing of fish with soil-less plant production. At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point it’s called a transformational, global-agriculture business practice that ranges from home-food production to large-scale commercial food-fish farming.

Wisconsin is leading the way in a “Blue Revolution” with the Aquaponics Innovation Center — a partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and Nelson and Pade Inc.®, a designer and provider of aquaponics systems worldwide.

The Aquaponics Innovation Center at Montello opened April 2015 at Nelson and Pade’s headquarters. The 4,800-square-foot, state-of-the-art, controlled-environment greenhouse supports aquaponics research and is a focal point for university coursework. Equipped with six fish-production and soil-less plant-production systems, the center is designed for replicated research.

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Nelson and Pade, Inc. Featured in ASC Magazine

Nelson and Pade on the cover of ASC magazine
Nelson and Pade on the cover of ASC magazine

Nelson and Pade, Inc.® was featured on the cover of Aquaponics Survival Communities Magazine in the January, 2016 issue.

The article inside addresses the need for sustainable, aquaponic food production and chronicles the growth of the aquaponics industry as well that of Nelson and Pade, Inc.®

Rebecca Nelson, co-founder of Nelson and Pade, Inc.® and the author of the article, also shares tips for success in aquaponics.

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