Montello Fresh Veggies and Fish

Montello FreshWe have been growing in soilless systems in controlled environment greenhouses since the 1980s! At one point, we were growing, delivering and selling 60,000 lbs. of hydroponic tomatoes every year. Currently, in our commercial aquaponic greenhouse we grow and sell tilapia, lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, kohlrabi, radishes and a number of other vegetables.

All of our fresh products are sold as Montello Fresh and have this label.

 You will find our Montello Fresh veggies at:


  • Rendezvous Paddle and Sport, Montello, WI
  • Mecan River Outfitters, Montello, WI
  • More Healthy Foods, Montello, WI
  • The Oak Tree Restaraunt, Montello, WI
  • Stone Cutter Deli, Montello, WI
  • Buckhorm Saloon, Princeton, WI

Retail Stores

  • Frietags, IGA Grocery, Aquaponic micro greensMontello, WI
  • More Healthy Foods, Montello, WI
  • Piggly Wiggly, Princeton, WI
  • Crossroads Market, Green Lake, WI


  • Montello, WI Schools
  • Westfield, WI Schools

Farm Stand

  • Our farm stand set up in front of our greenhouse during the spring, summer and fall.

 Current Product List:


  • Fancy lettuce in crispers (bibb, lollo, mini romaine)
  • Fancy lettuce in clear zip-top bags (romaine, red leaf, green leaf)
  • Fancy Lettuce Bouquets in clear, open top sleeves (mixed varieties)Food safety in aquaponics


  •  Fresh herbs in crispers (basil, chives, cilantro, sage, thyme)


  •  Swiss chard in zip top bags
  • Bok choi in zip top bags 
  • Curly Kale in zip top bags

Micro Greens:

  • Super flavorful tiny greens
    (use on salads, sandwiches or as a garnich)


  • Tomatoes, radishes, kohlrabi, cucumbers (call for availaility)


  • Whole tilapia available. aquaponic tilapia



All veggies are picked and delivered promptly, following our Good Agriculture Practices and Food Safety Guidelines

Wholesale and bulk orders are delivered in plastic, returnable totes.

Call us at 608-297-8708 or email to get our Montello Fresh Product List updates