Nelson and Pade, Inc., the most respected name in aquaponics, offers the Aquaponics Master Class, Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®, supplies and technical support. Our decades of experience in aquaponics are reflected in proven system designs, successful operations, comprehensive training and
knowledgeable staff.

Upcoming Events

2014 Aquaponics Master Class-3 day, Montello, WI
Apr 24th - Apr 26th

2014 Aquaponics Master Class, 3-day, Montello, WI
May 15th - May 17th

2014 Aquaponics Master Class, 3-day, Montello, WI
Jul 24th - Jul 26th

2014 Aquaponics Master Class, 3-day, Montello, WI
Sep 18th - Sep 20th

2014 Aquaponics Master Class, 3-day, Montello, WI
Nov 13th - Nov 15th


"I wanted to let you know we've made good progress on our demonstration greenhouse and Home Garden system. The last few days we've been dry fitting the tanks & rafts together. It is actually fun - following the alphabet clues and your very clear instructions. It is wonderful to see this long held dream come into reality. The system has been very user friendly. Thank you for all the years of perfecting this system so that Jeff and I didn't have to reinvent a wobbly wheel."~ Alice Hill, Home Garden, Kansas

"I want to say thank you for a fantastic and informative week/end. This has definitely turned my excitement level of starting an aquaponics farm up a few notches. The training was a great balance of sitting and listening to hands on learning and self observation. I appreciate your candor and frankness about the complexity and simplicity of starting a aquaponic system. I look forward to working with you all and learning from you all in the future...near if I have my way!"~ Navid, Huntsville, AL