Complete Greenhouse Packages from Nelson and Pade, Inc.®

Grow 365 days a year!

You can grow 365 days a year with our controlled environment greenhouses.  Nelson and Pade, Inc.® offers complete high-quality, greenhouse packages that are energy-efficient, bio-secure and can be designed to enhance crop production for any climate.

Year ‘Round Production for any Climate
From the tropics to frozen tundra, we can supply a greenhouse that will increase your vegetable production and allow you to grow year round, without the threat of crop damage from wind, cold, heat, snow, hail and other hash weather conditions.  Plus, our greenhouses all come with our unique bio-security enhancements to prevent pest insects and related pathogens from entering the greenhouse.

It is the combination of aquaponics and controlled environment agriculture that allows a grower to continually produce fish and vegetables all year long, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Ultimate Food Production System
Controlling the environment allows you to provide the exact conditions your crops need to thrive. Aquaponics goes hand-in-hand with a controlled environment greenhouse. Separately, they are tools to grow crops. Together, they create the ultimate method of food production.

Precise Control
Greenhouse, hothouse, glasshouse…these are all terms used to describe plastic or glass covering over a crop. Controlled environment agriculture takes the benefits a crop cover provides and enhances them with precise environmental control which provides exactly the environmental conditions your crop needs.

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