Master Class Testimonials

"Thanks again for an amazing master class!!!:-) It was really an eye opener!"

Anders Skaug - Oslo, Norway

March 2017 Aquaponics Master Class


"I just want to say how impressed I was with the entire family at Nelson + Pade Aquaponics! You guys have something very special there. What a fantastic atmosphere to work in! I thoroughly enjoyed all of my time at the Master Class and feel like I learned so much. All of you were so helpful and Knowledgeable and made it a wonderful experience that I greatly appreciate."

Brown Humphrey - Shreveport, LA

March 2017 Aquaponics Master Class

"The passion this team has for the business is contagious. The tours and ability to explore the greenhouse was great. Happy Fish 🐟 = Happy Plants"

Janine Pappas - Neptune Beach, FL

March 2017 Aquaponics Master Class®


"Love the visual aids and personal, real passion the entire Team at Nelson and Pade have for what they do!"

Jay & Heather Hermes-Stockton, IL

March 2017 Aquaponics Master Class®

"Great training and an amazing facility, but having been a teacher/coach for 30+ years what I was most impressed with is the Nelson & Pade team making it all happen. Great teamwork!"

Dan Whisler - Hutchinson, KS

March 2017 Aquaponics Master Class®


"Thank you so much Nelson and Pade for all the great instruction at your 3 day Aquaponics Master Class !! Can't wait to get our system started ,feeling super excited!! Thank you to all the wonderful staff, Carmen , Jannel, Tim and Oliver , Barb and Andrew and Phil and whomever I left out , you all were awesome ! Had so much fun!! 🐟"

Shawn Grant & Sandi Plott-CT

March 2017 Aquaponics Master Class®


"Thank you Nelson and Pade for a wonderful three days of learning. I knew the class would be interesting but I must say it it exceeded my expectations. I learned so much and found it fascinating."

Douglas Joseph - Oro Valley, AZ

March 2017 Aquaponics Master Class®


masterclasssept2016-6“First and foremost the class was amazing! I had such a great time. The team of Nelson and Pade made my experience more then I could of ever hoped for in a class. The level of experience really shines through with the complete staff. The staff made me feel right at home. I left with knowledge that I will carry with me for years to come. I was able to better understand some things I was a little skeptical about when I arrived. It helped me with my ability to explain things to my friends in areas I previously lacked in.”

Michael Smith, Arkansas


Wow - our training was more than I expected. My brother and I have said a few times "What just happened?" Our Master Class Training was eye opening, awesome, just flat out the best training seminar i have ever been to. I enjoyed meeting all our classmates. I did notice that all of the Nelson and Pade staff always had a smile on their faces, and really did seem to like what they were doing. A true joy to be there and learn.

Tom Parker

Fellow Attendee Joe Koch added: I agree Tom, it sure was very educational and fun. Great new people with such a diverse background, too. I believe that when our classmates get their systems built, they will see the same happiness and enthusiasm in their co-workers and helpers. I hope everyone does well with this knowledge. See ya again sometime!


What Nelson and Pade are teaching is going to change the world in good ways! Take the Masters Class and join the food change!

Mary Hollabaugh


Just finished my first day of the 3 day aquaponics master class and I loved it. I learned a ton (and I still have 2 more days of hands on learning left) and the greenhouses are beautiful, definitely a place I want to be in; not to mention the staff is awesome and always ready to answer any questions. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn more about aquaponics.

Everett Miller

The staff of Nelson and Pade is at the cutting edge of the industry, and has been a fantastic resource for my new farming venture. Aquaponics master class is well worth the time and tuition for the amount of information and support that is provided. I would highly recommend this company if you are considering an Aquaponics venture instead of reinventing the wheel!

Jennifer Heiser Boush

Master class 9/15-17/2016
This class was everything we expected and more. Coming here just reiterated for us what the future in aquaponics has to offer. We can not wait to get our fish swimming and lettuce growing!! It's a lot to learn and take in but everyone here helps so much with your individual education. The entire team makes you feel so comfortable which makes learning easy and fun.

Ashby Floyd


Today for lunch I ate the best tilapia I ever tasted. It came straight out of the fish tank at Nelson and Pade, spent several days in their unique purge tank and was then baked for us with slight hint of seasoning. At the end of the day we were treated to a wonderful homemade tilapia ceviche of the highest quality. As i try to fall asleep, my taste buds are crying out for more. Many kudos to all the staff at Nelson and Pade for their amazingly tasting homegrown fish and the incredible informative Master Class!"

Jordan Malmed-Jordan

August 2016 Aquaponics Master Class®

"Great course and the N&P folks are tops! Lots of fun. Lots of learning."

Jack Lyke-Pennsylvania

August 2016 Aquaponics Master Class®

"Thanks for a quality educational forum and a warm and professional staff. I will recommend to anyone interested."

Dennis Rud-Minnesota

August 2016 Aquaponics Master Class®

"Thanks for taking care of me during the 3 day work shop. I enjoyed the experience and learned a great deal."

Andrew Klamon-Washington D.C.

August 2016 Aquaponics Master Class®

"I had a great time at the Master Class and am very motivated to start my own aquaponic venture! Thank you so much for your time!"

Jen Boush-Wisconsin

August 2016 Aquaponics Master Class®

"Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to see and learn about aquaponics from the pros."

Mary Bendickson-Illinois

June 2016 Aquaponics Master Class®

Mary Bendickson

“Thanks to Nelson & Pade for putting on a wonderful course -- top shelf effort by a talented team!”

Gene Kirschbaum-Wisconsin

June 2016 Aquaponics Master Class®

"Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Nelson + Pade for an incredible three days. You were all wonderful! Great information, great company! Be talking to you soon!"

Tim & Beth Barr-Indiana

June 2016 Aquaponics Master Class®

I just finished up the Master Class and absolutely loved it. The staff at Nelson and Pade are by far the most and experienced when it comes to all things aquaponics. From home systems to the largest commercial systems they've got you covered with the tools, education, science, support, consulting, planning, and resources available to assist you regardless of your needs. The entire staff was friendly and went out of their way to make sure I got answers to any questions I had.

Jeff Owens Texas

I was soo impressed with everyone at Nelson and Pade, i just can't get over how nice everyone was. You and the rest of the crew certainly left a a good impression of Montello, Wisconsin firmly embedded in our minds. I can't remember the last time i enjoyed class room time like i did last week. I guess the interest that I've had in aquaponics for quite some time, finally came to a head when i saw how well your staff is doing with it. It is truly a blessing that i was directed to your website and finally to your home in Montello.

Pat Bergman, Indiana

Very great class. I would get ready to ask a question and they would answer it before I ask. They give you more than you would expect in 2 days....wish it wasn't coming to an end. The books they give are just as good.

Kelli Cline Tyler, TX

Copious amounts of knowledge. I received answers to questions I never even thought to ask. Wonderfully well organized and easy to follow along. The Day Packets Nelson and Pade provides are a wonderful tool to have during class and even keep for future reference.

Zac Barbour Colorado Springs, CO

This has been such a valuable experience, I can't stress this enough! Thank you N&P.

Adrienne Osuch Pheonix, AZ

I can't say enough about the folks. What a great class. No matter what level of involvement you wish to have in Aquaponics this class is money well spent. Even getting a hobby system to run efficiently would be a quick return on investment in this class.

Dan Barbour Colorado Springs, CO

I worked for Xerox Corporation and managed various sales teams over the past 20yrs.  That world involved immense competition were training and customer events had to be top notch.  I commented to Rebecca that you guys did a great job finding the right balance between educating us on the industry & technology vs. promoting your product line.  You guys never said anything negative about your competitors, instead you focused on sharing factual information and let us draw our own conclusions…and that is exactly how successful professionals do it.  Hard closing sales tactics are a thing of the past and I’m glad to see that N&P choose the professional approach.

Butch Bland Oahu, Hawaii

Thank you very much for your hospitality during the training. Every mile traveling from Puerto Rico to attend it was worth it. We are very impressed by the business you have been able to create with this new technology. The information presented in the training has definitely helped us to better understand the technology and how we can create a business with it. We are back home revising our plans based on the information gathered there and will soon contact you to take the next step, project planning.

Miguel Peurto Rico, July, 2015

It was a wonderful experience and great fun spending time with well knowledge people like the team of Nelson and Pade. For sure I will keep in touch with you guy. For sure we are going to do something to make a aquaponics project here in Puerto Rico. I fell in love with the people of Wisconsin and there hospitality.

Rodolfo Puerto Rico, July 2015

On behalf of Jared, Dan, Janna and I we are truly grateful to the Nelson & Pade group for sharing and spreading the wealth of this AMAZING operation! We truly learned and gleaned  so much info from this worth the trip. It was such an honor and pleasure to get to meet you. It's one thing to hear an amiable voice on the phone but another thing when you get to meet in person!!! We again, ALL cannot thank everyone enough for this pleasure experience! We'll be in touch and hopefully visit again soon.

Jared Tempkin Group, New York

Wanted to say again how great all the staff at N&P has been.  Really enjoyed the Master Class, and would readily recommend it to anyone wanting to get into the industry.  It was invaluable.  Look forward to working with you all in the future.

Justen Till, Oklahoma

We had a genuine good time and educational experience learning about the aquaponic industry and your systems. We appreciate the non sugar coated look at the world of aquaponic systems and respect the fact that you cared more about what people needed to succeed than you did on the success of you making a sale. We look forward to visiting your facility in Wisconsin, and for the potential use of your systems in our own business model. Your staff members Heather, Andrew, and Mark are all outstanding and where well informed in giving the information required and kept things well organized. They are all straight forward and hard working and you should be proud of people who work for you and on top of that all the hard work you put into aquaponics over the years. It is certainly something to be proud of!

Ian, Gunnard and Wyatt Nelson, PA

I'm sure you hear this plenty, but that master's class beyond exceeded my expectations. The high-level relevant knowledge in a comprehensive A-Z aspect is something, as a detailed oriented person, I appreciate greatly - and most importantly has propelled us forward into making a much more informed decision. Hopefully my enthuse will be contagious here in Nashville.

Brian Wong, Trivecca Urban Farm, Nashville, TN

5 stars! I just returned from the March Masters Class. It was way beyond what I had expected. They have a wonderful science based operation that also makes economic sense.I have my system for my PA farm in the works. They are a facinating and knowledgable group of people that have created exceptional aquaponics systems that really work. I highly recomend taking this class with this company if you are seriously interested in aquaponics. You will also enjoy yourself, I know I did.

Diane Gronendahl

The class was absolutely the best I have ever attended. The N&P team is not only knowledgeable on the subject matter but are truly a pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to receiving our Home Garden system later this week and to start putting the pieces together next week.

Dan Brenneman, Vero Beach, FL

I am writing to say a big thank you for the superb way you guys hosted the aquaponics workshop. You guys fed us well, taught us well, and made the workshop very memorable.

Benjamin, Germantown, MD

Thank you very much for the workshop. It was worth to travel.

etsuya Oi, Businessman, Japan

We Just finished taking the August, 2013 Masters Class then went on to do an Extended Stay and Learn as the primer for getting our Commercial 500 System stocked and producing! What a great team of people to work with and learn from! John, Rebecca, Heather, and Bryan our thanks to each of you especially for all of your knowledge, help, and guidance 🙂

BJ and Cat Davis Camp Verde, AZ, August, 2013

I want to tell you that the Aquaponics Master Class is top notch! As a pharmacist, I have attended many medical and pharmaceutical conferences for continuing education. Your course was on par with the best, at a level that all could understand and even offered the possibility of college credit! The Nelson and Pade Inc. Aquaponics Master Class is a well-designed, science-based learning experience and one in which it was a pleasure to participate!

Dave Wunrow, Rph Marshfield, WI, August, 2013

We Just finished taking the August, 2013 Masters Class then went on to do an Extended Stay and Learn as the primer for getting our Commercial 500 System stocked and producing! What a great team of people to work with and learn from! John, Rebecca, Heather, and Bryan our thanks to each of you especially for all of your knowledge, help, and guidance:) -BJ and Cat Davis

BJ and Cat Davis, Campe Verde, AZ

That was a great workshop. I left trying to keep my head upright so no information would spill out. That last day was pretty valuable just to tie everything together. Overall I think you had a great format for the presentation and for getting the information out.

Geoff Neyman, Colorado

It was a very beneficial workshop and you and all your staff were very organized and professional. Thanks again. You folks are doing great work.

Tom Harder, McGraw Wildlife Foundation Dundee, IL, Oct, 2012

Wanted to once again thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, sorry to have had to leave. Find myself very energized for the coming week so I can continue on.

Dave, Saukville, WI

I just wanted to thank you again on running a very informative course. There was, for me, just the right mix of "hands on" and classroom. Thank you for you efforts. You folks obviously have a passion for this process and it shows. I thought the mixture of social and commercial requirements was just right.

John Lorusso

First thanks for your great information and hospitality. What an amazing experience! I know I mentioned this yesterday but truly, I am transformed. My life will not again be the same. Thank you again.

Valerie Lucio, Toledo, Ohio

It was a great workshop. Your presentations answered so many questions that have been nagging at me for a long time.

Ruth, Ann Arbor, MI

I would like to add my kudos to Rebecca and John for a well run and very informative training session, one that will truly be remembered as we all join forces to launch an Aquaponics industry in these United States

Chuck Bagwell, Michigan

Well what can I say but thank you to the entire team. John and Rebecca.....thank you for creating a learning environment that was fun and relaxed. I have been to many conferences during my career as an educator, and this conference was one if not the best I have ever attended.

Stephen, Muskogee, Oklahoma

I want to say thank you for a fantastic and informative week/end. This has definitely turned my excitement level of starting an aquaponics farm up a few notches. The training was a great balance of sitting and listening to hands on learning and self observation. I appreciate your candor and frankness about the complexity and simplicity of starting a aquaponic system. I look forward to working with you all and learning from you all in the future...near if I have my way!

Navid, Huntsville, AL

It was a very beneficial workshop and you and all your staff were very organized and professional. Thanks again. You folks are doing great work.

Tom Harder, McGraw Wildlife Foundation, Dundee, IL

So great meeting you and John this weekend! The workshop was extremely well done, and my head is spinning with ideas.

Sylvia Bernstein Boulder, CO.