NP-Series Greenhouses

aquaponics-greenhouse-02Nelson and Pade, Inc.® has collaborated with well-respected greenhouse manufacturers to develop the NP-Series of greenhouses, which includes complete controlled environment greenhouse structures for our hobby, farm market and commercial Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®.

The NP-Series are specifically designed to house Nelson and Pade Inc.®’s Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® to provide the environmental conditions as well as the bio-security features required for optimum performance, energy efficiency and food safety.

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NP-Series Greenhouse Specifications:

The NP-Series Controlled Environment greenhouses increase production and are available for cold, mild and tropical climates.  The basic structure is standard for each of these climates.  The roof and wall covering, heating and cooling options vary, depending on the climate. Pricing for the NP-Series Greenhouses is estimated until the final greenhouse engineering for your location and building requirements are completed.

All NP-Series Greenhouses are engineered and include location-specific, engineer-stamped prints (when needed), natural ventilation and bio-secure entryways. The NP-Series are avaialble in various widths and lengths, as single bays or gutter-connected bays.

aquaponics-greenhouse-03Features of the NP-Series Greenhouses include:

  • Location-specific engineer-stamped prints (when needed)
  • Assembly instruction manual
  • Complete greenhouse frame and hardware package
  • Covering: 8mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing on end walls and side walls, polycarbonate drip edge and 2-layer inflated poly ethylene on the roof (rigid polycarbonate roof is offered as an option). Note: Tropical greenhouses have screening on all walls.
  • Automated roof peak vent (optional)
  • Automated poly-vent side windows
  • Insect screening and screen frame kit on side windows
  • Bio-security package
  • Manual hand-crank or automatied shade system over the crop area
  • Permanent shade over all other areas
  • aquaponics-greenhouse-01Horizontal air flow fans
  • Vertical air flow fans
  • Door framing kits
  • Heating package (optional)
  • Cooling Package (optional)